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Presenting Advance Notice to The Non-custodial Parent

In general, an advance notice given 45 days prior to the relocation must be presented to the parent with no custody. This will give them ample time to object up against the moving should they so wish. The notification would only be necessary in the event that the parent who may have child custody is likely to move more than 60 miles away.

Various other states would even restrict moving to a new state even if it is simply 20 miles away. Because of this it is commonly best to consult a Orange County Child Custody Lawyers which is well versed in family law and understands the ins and outs in regards to child custody concerns in several states.

The parent who has been granted custody doesn’t desire to face an issue where the court’s decision gets reversed caused by negligence on their part and should therefore contact a very good family lawyer or child custody attorney instead.

Don’t forget that child custody conflicts and other details relating to family law have to be managed carefully. Any negligence on the part of the parent might trigger losing their privileges and even worse, the custody may even be moved to the other parent.

Moving might be viewed by some states as a method to keep the kid away from the other parent. Now this is where the value of a child custody attorney or family attorney is needed.